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Our Goal :

  • Invest in our youth

  • Provide a Safe Skate Environment

  • Bring our community together

  • Host local contests

  • Add a healthy, athletic outlet for today's youth




10,000 Square Feet


We wanted to make the size of the park comfortable to where when events were hosted it will fulfill everyone needs.

100% Skate-able


With this feature there is no dead space allowing everyone from Beginner to Pro to enjoy it.

Street over Vert


90% of skaters are street skaters so we took those stats and plugged them into a design we think would fit perfectly.

Mini Ramp


With it being a dominated street park we wanted to throw this custom mini ramp in so we can invite all skaters.



This will be a new feature at The Woodland Community Center allowing family fun all around.

The Flow


Biggest for us was the flow of the park, Being able to start at one end and go around the park with ease.



Our vision is for the Youth! To allow them a safe spot to meet up and skateboard. Learn and interact with one another. Skateboarding is a life lesson, the lesson being no matter how many time you fall down, and you will fall down, to get back up and try again. Woodland is in need for a fun, safe and a go to place for not only local skaters, but skaters from all cities and states.

Our goal is to raise $607,000 needed to make this happen. With local business & our amazing community we can make it happen. We are seeking YOUR help to contribute what you can whether it is a dollar or spreading the word! Every bit helps and we are more than appreciative.

We have decided to dedicate the name of the skate park to Johny Armstrong in his memory. He was a very motivational and loving individual. He was in a motorcycle accident and passed away at 18 years old. A great skater and a even better person. Naming it the "Johny Armstrong Memorial Skatepark"

Woodland is a great city... Lets make it even better!


Ways to DONATE

All donations over $500 will be rewarded with a plaque. Plaque size will very by donation amount . This plaque will be placed at the skate park forever.

Please download Sponsor Plaque Form for exact details.

Check Donation

607 Main st.

Woodland, CA 95695

1) Download "Sponsor Plaque Form"

2) Fill out form and mail or drop off to address

Online Donation

Pay Pal Ready

1) Download "Sponsor Plaque Form"

2) Fill out & email form to

3) Click Donate fill out Pay pal information

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
In Store Donation


In SorD Boardshop you can donate any amount you would like electronically in store. 


1) Visit the Register and donate via Cash/Card

2) You will receive a receipt with the Tax ID #

Supply Sponsor

We are in seek for major supply sponsors

We are in seek of

  • Concrete Sponsor

  • Metal Sponsor

If your Company would like to Contribute please contact us below. Thank you!




Lets Build a



607 Main st. Woodland, CA 95695

Tel:  530.662.2468


Click Here to Find Us

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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